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Kits of Electronics Supplies

Standard kit: $42

  • budget breadboard
  • small assortment of jumper wires
  • 9V battery
  • standard battery clip
  • resistors (5 each of 100, 470, 560, 1k, 4.7k, 10k, 22k, 47k, 75k, 100k, 220k, and 470k ohm)
  • pots, 10k linear and audio
  • 1N4002 diodes (5)
  • green and red LEDs (10 each)
  • 2N2222 transistors (5)
  • capacitors (2 each of 0.33uF, 1uF, 10uF, 100uF, and 1000uF)
  • Polyswitch for modifying DMM

Upgraded kit: $56

  • deluxe breadboard
  • boxed set of jumper wires
  • 9V battery
  • presoldered battery clip
  • all other components (resistors, pots, diodes, LEDs, transistors, and capacitors) as for standard kit
  • Polyswitch for modifying DMM
  • alligator clip test leads

Piezo transducer: $3

Soldering supplies kit: $60
  • TS connectors Neutrik NP2C (3)
  • TRS connectors Neutrik NP3C (2)
  • XLR connector Neutrik NC3FX (1)
  • XLR connector Neutrik NC3MX (1)
  • heavy TS cable (10 feet)
  • light TS cable (4 feet)
  • balanced cable (10 feet)
  • star quad cable (10 feet)
  • piezo disc transducers (2)

How to Order

Send us an email at cali.and.alden "at", telling us what items you need and your email address. We will then send you a PayPal invoice including the shipping. If you don't use PayPal you can send us a check. To format our email address correctly, remove the spaces and substitute the @ symbol: gimli "at" would become


"Why don't you have a shopping cart or take credit cards?" We are a small operation, and shopping carts and credit card accounts are expensive. As our popularity increases we become world famous, we will add a shopping cart.

"Why don't you just format the email address properly?" We use this format to avoid the spambots. When we had our old email address displayed, we spent a substantial amount of every day just deleting the spam.

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Beati illi qui in circulum circumeunt, fient enim magnae rotae.

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