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Please contact us if you have more current information about makers or dealers, or if you have trouble contacting someone using the information you find here, or to add someone to the list. Also included here are the names and email addresses of some of the authors of books listed in the bibliography.

Sergio González
Hurdy-gurdy teacher

Sergio is an instructor and researcher who has written several articles. He can be found at his website

Chris Allen and Sabina Allen-Kormylo
St.Tydfils, Wesley Place
Merthyr Vale, Merthyr Tydfil
Mid Glamorgan
CF48 4RS
United Kingdom
Phone: 01443 693118

Paul Nevis gave this review:

"I had a guitar-shaped hurdy-gurdy built by Chris Allen. I am very pleased with the instrument and couldn't be happier with the amount of encouragement, support and 'after sales' service provided by Chris. His natural enthusiasm is infectious and his attitude of making the instrument 'you' want as opposed to what he wishes you to have is to be commended. Chris makes traditional hurdy-gurdies of different types and also lutes, mandolins and other related instruments. Reasonable prices by discussion."

I met Chris at St. Chartier in 1998. Regrettably Sabina was elsewhere, or I would have gotten to meet her as well. Chris came to Over the Water in 2004, and we concur with the "natural enthusiasm". ;-)

Jean-Luc Bleton
38670 Chasse-sur-Rhône

M. Bleton's innovative work is featured in a chapter of the book Territoires illimitée. Pierre Imbert, Didier Campion, and RT Taylor have vielles made by M. Bleton.

Jean-Claude Boudet
03800 Gannat
Tel: +33 70-56-84-01

One of the most famous and prolific of the "facteurs de la vielle".

Christian Clement
21140 Semur-en-Auxois

Chris Eaton
46 Backfields Lane
England WR8 08W
United Kingdom
Tel: 44 1684 59 42 05

A well known and well respected maker. We played one of his gurdies at the 2000 OTW HG festival, thanks to Cliff Stapleton.

Leif Eriksson
Saetra 30
790 30 Isjoen
Tel: 46 247 408 24

Leif Eriksson and Per Gudmundson brought the Swedish säckpipa/bagpipe back to function in the early 80's. Leif now builds both this Swedish bagpipe and lira/hurdy-gurdies. Stefan Brisland-Ferner of Garmarna and Hĺllbus Totte Mattson of Hedningarna both have reproductions of the Groda Lira built by him.[Per-Ulf Allmo]

Helmut Gotschy
Mühlgässe 17
7959 Wain

"Helmut is probably the best maker of high quality hurdy-gurdies in Germany right now." [Klaus, February 1998]

Jacques Grandchamp
1, Place Arnaud Bernard
31000 Toulouse

M. Grandchamp is a restoration expert and museum curator who also builds some incredible vielles. We finally met him in person at St. Chartier 1999, he's a nice guy. He also makes beautiful and fanciful modern instruments.

Jean-Noël Grandchamp
2, Rue de Semond
21400 Chemin d'Aisey

Very nice vielles in the traditional French style.

Alden and Cali Hackmann
See Olympic Musical Instruments

Michael Hubbert
Michael is making very few if any hurdy-gurdies at present, and has no plans to increase his production in the future. He designed the Volksgurdy, now built by Olympic Musical Instruments, and was acknowledged as one of the best hurdy-gurdy makers in North America.

Bernard Kerboeuf
12 rue Lucet
La Châtre 36400
Tel: 02 54 48 34 34

Highly respected maker of French styles, and an excellent player.

Philippe Mousnier
Buzetière - Lussas
24300 Nontron

M. Mousnier's vielles are shown in several photos in the book Territoires illimitée. Pascal LeFeuvre has at least one of Mousnier's instruments. We saw and played some on our trip to St. Chartier in 1998.

Muskett Music
47 Tudor Gardens
Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes
MK11 1HX. Bucks.
United Kingdom

Supplier of plans and the Muskett book

Balázs Nagy

Budapest, Hungary

Balázs makes and repairs Hungarian style hurdy-gurdies, French style instruments, and symphonies. Web page also available in Hungarian.

Olympic Musical Instruments
Alden and Cali Hackmann
Indianola WA 98342
Tel: 360-779-4620

Makers of lute-backed (classic French style with carved head), Volksgurdy, Orca model, Minstrel Model, Baroque guitar-shaped style and other models, with electro-acoustic systems, tuners, and other custom work available. Other models available on request. Also a source for high quality used instruments, repairs, restorations, strings, and advice. (We own the website, so we get a little extra promotion.)

Kurt Reichmann
Glauburgstr., 67 Hinterhaus
60918 Frankfurt

Denis Siorat
Les Fonts
48500 La Canourgue

Builds specialized HG's, including alto and electrified instruments. Gilles Chabenat and Valentin Clastrier both have hurdy-gurdies made by him. [Carine Smolders]

Bela Szerenyi
Budapest 1037
Fergeteg Utca 11

We played one of his Hungarian-style instruments at the 1997 FolkLife. It was quite nice.

Matthew P. Szostak
7 Grove Street
Camden ME 04843
Tel/Fax: 207-236-9576

Matt is not currently accepting orders.

Daniel Thonon
of Ad Vielle Que Pourra

Daniel has made some hurdy-gurdies, mostly for his own use, but spends most of his time touring with Ad Vielle and writing music. He built at least one instrument for a member or members of Pink Floyd. He's a very personable guy: be sure to talk with him if you see Ad Vielle perform, and tell him Alden and Cali say "Hi!"


There are a few organizations are specific to the hurdy-gurdy. The rest of these are folk music organizations, magazines that list dances and festival events, and the like. There's a mailing list dedicated to the hurdy-gurdy. There are also some mailing lists related to the music frequently played on the instrument.

Over the Water Hurdy-gurdy Association
This non-profit organization presently exists to arrange the Over the Water Hurdy-gurdy Festival and related events in the Seattle, Washington area. There have been suggestions that other activities may be sponsored in the future. Check the website for current events and contact information.

The Hurdy-Gurdy Society
This English-based organization published a journal and an annual membership list. They appear to be in a recession. Their December 1995 journal lists reprints of old journals, which appear to be a wealth of interesting hurdy-gurdy articles. For more information, contact Michael Muskett at Muskett Music listed above.

A source for hurdy-gurdy related CD's, books and music is this French agency dealing with traditional music from the Auvergne and other central regions of France. Their address:
Agence des Musiques Traditionelles en Auvergne
Place Eugene Rouher
BP 169 - 63204 RIOM Cedex.
Tel: 73 38 87 36. Fax: 73 38 85 66.

Le Centre de Musiques Traditionnelles Rhône-Alpes
In French and partly in English. Usually shortened to CMTRA, this cultural agency has a wide variety of recordings, books, concert listings, bals, festivals, and all sorts of cool stuff. They also publish a print newsletter.

Books and recordings are available from the FAMDT, publishers of the Modal series on French music and folk culture. Their address:
FAMDT éditions
La Falourdière
Tel: 49 80 82 52. Fax 49 80 82 14.

The Hurdy-gurdy Mailing List
Hosted by Alden and Cali Hackmann of Olympic Musical Instruments and This is the list dedicated to discussing all aspects of the hurdy-gurdy: playing, building, adjusting, buying, selling, new recordings, etc. Information on subscribing is on the list webpage.

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