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Soundhole options

The soundholes are holes or piercings in the soundboard through which the sound emanates from inside the body. On the Minstrel, the standard soundhole is an S-shape, similar to the "f-hole" on a violin. On the redesigned Volksgurdy, the soundholes are under the keybox, so the traditional soundhole is not included.


Older Volksgurdy with S-shaped soundhole


Medieval style soundhole on a Minstrel


"Lute-rose" style soundhole on a Minstrel


Minstrel with medieval soundholes

Custom soundholes are available, such as the ones shown here. Because the soundhole is laser cut, any shape is possible, but it must fit inside a certain area (so that it doesn't interfere with the bracing and the vibrating area of the soundboard) and it must be sturdy enough to withstand the compressive force of the string pressure. Contact us to find out if your custom soundhole idea is practical.


Custom one-of-a-kind soundhole inserts -
the design is from the turbine blades of a jet engine


New Volksgurdy with no soundholes on the tail section of the soundboard


Custom fleur-de-lis soundhole


Custom Tibetan cross shape soundhole

We also offer the traditional C-shaped soundhole, but we don't have a picture.

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