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Each week we update this page with new photos of instruments in progress. The updates will usually be sometime on Monday, which is the end of our work week.

We hope that you enjoy seeing the progress on your instrument and those of others who have them on order.


Week ending October 6, 2003

Goodness, is it that time of year already?

LB5 - boring the braces for the soundposts



LB5 - gluing in the braces


LB5 - resawing the veneers for the wheel blank


LB5 - gluing the wheel blank together


LB5 - cutting out the wheel blank shape


LB5 - finding the end cap shape with a cardboard template


LB5 - cutting the real end cap blank from a piece of maple


LB5 - gluing in the lining reinforcements for the drone pins and the sympathetic block

MK's Pajot - removing the wheel


Pajot - measuring the wheel and removing the remainder of the shaft


Pajot - cutting the wheel in half on the big bandsaw - the new blade does this very nicely, so there's a lot less cleanup needed!


Pajot - gluing half of the split wheel to a phenolic/wood laminate core


Pajot - trimming the blank on the little bandsaw

Marjy's luteback comes for a visit, to get a new tail bearing.


OR2 (S&RD) - the body gets another coat, this time from the new spray gun (note that there are now two guns hanging up, one for color, one for the clear top coats.)


Cali gets a new workbench in the spray booth for airbrush work


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Beati illi qui in circulum circumeunt, fient enim magnae rotae.

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Beati illi qui in circulum circumeunt, fient enim magnae rotae.

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